Gum Ammoniac 30ml


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Gum ammoniac 30 ml :

Gum ammoniac is obtained from a plant grown in the Middle East and North Africa. It may most conveniently be bought as this prepared fluid. Otherwise it comes in the form of small lumps or crystals. Colour pigment (gouache or water colour) may be added to the liquid to allow it to be seen on application. Gum Ammoniac flows easily off the pen or brush and dries quickly to an almost transparent glossy finish. Gum Ammoniac is best suited to small areas, small berries, dots, stems and straight lines. For very detailed work you may need two applications, especially if the paper is absorbent. Reactivate gum by breathing on it, press gold onto the tacky gum; wait 2-3mins; it is now ready to be burnished. Wash brush/pen immediately in hot water as the gum will set hard.

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