About Us

Blots Pen & Ink Supplies started in 1993 at first printing and posting paper catalogues until in 1999 www.blotspens.co.uk emerged into what was then the early stirrings of e-commerce. The aim was to offer a wide range of calligraphy pens and inks, swift delivery and, if anything went wrong to sort it out quickly and without quibble. Today a paper catalogue is no longer printed and nearly all transactions are online with payment by card or PayPal. Along the way Blots produced an affordable Iron Gall Ink, a ruling template, an acrylic pen & brush rest, wooden penholders and a range of dinky dips and bottle-steadies.They stock pens from most of the current major manufacturers:- William Mitchell, Brause, Speedball, Leonardt & Manuscript as well as as the ever popular Pilot Parallel Pens. They hold a range of inks from the classic Higgins Eternal to Ziller Inks which are gaining in popularity in the UK amongst those who have tried them and try to hold good stocks so that posting is often on the same day. Help and advice is only a phone call away.

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