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Blots Clear Acrylic Ruling Template :

    • Made exclusively by Blots – you won’t find it anywhere else!
    • Clear Acrylic with accurate 1mm spaced holes.
    • Compact 125 x 80mm . (5″x 3″)
    • Allows lines to be drawn at 1mm intervals with a 0.5mm pencil.
    • Makes ruling up with a T-square a quick and easy task.
    • Full instructions in the pack.
    • Made in England.
    • Video demonstration – see below :

“I was very curious to see how this worked. Once I tried it – genius!”

“A brilliant, effective and affordable aid for a task that no-one enjoys, making it quick and easy.”

“Very clever, simple bit of kit – so obvious when you see it. Great for drawing parallel lines”.

“Saves a lot of time & easy to use”

To use : Place on a T-square and insert a fine pencil in the top hole and rule across the page. Without moving the T-square move the pencil down a hole, or more, and rule back; repeat .. and so on until reaching the bottom hole. Move the set square down aligning the top hole with the last drawn line and repeat, repeat. Once mastered this is a rapid way to rule pages.

For LEFT HANDERS : There is a left handed version below or use the standard version with the T-part of the T-square to the right side of the board and the template upside down (ie with the writing on its top face and the 45 degree angle on the left, as it sits on the T square.) and rule from right to left. The spacing holes have to be counted from right to left.

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