Calligraphy – A Guide To What You Need

There is a number of items that you will need to decide upon when starting calligraphy. These items are 1. Pen – fountain or dip pen, 2. Penholder, 3. Ink and finally 4. Paper. We have put together a helpful guide, which will hopefully answer any questions that you may have.

  • Dip Pen or Fountain Pen ? A fountain pen is recommended for beginners, but are more limited than the range of dip pen nibs available. Dip pen nibs are either pointed or edged, with each required for differing scripts.
Speedball Hunt Nibs
Selection of Dip Pen Nibs
Manuscript Ergonomic Penholder
Manuscript Ergonomic Penholder
  • Ink ? Calligraphy Ink comes in various shades and colours, but the most important factors for calligraphers is that the ink should flow easily and not clog the pen. Ink density is also important, as it important in the appearance of the finished work.
Blots Pens Calligraphy Ink
Calligraphy Inks
  • Paper ? Paper comes in all sizes and shades, but for calligraphy the choice should be a smooth surface with a tooth to it, in order that the pen does not glide across the page. The surface of your paper affects how your writing will appear, with hot press (HP) paper being the smoothest paper available.
Daler Rowney Calligraphy Paper A4
Daler Rowney Calligraphy Paper

Beginner calligraphy sets are available that have all the materials that you need prepackaged and ready to go, they are a great starting point if you are still unsure. If you would like guides or further assistance please have a look at the Brause Practice Cards, which demonstrate various scripts and how to practice them.

brause calligraphy practice card inner
Brause Calligraphy Practice Cards