Calligraphy set for beginners

It is a question that we are asked from time to time, whether you are buying a set for yourself or for someone else. What do I need to start calligraphy ? What is the best calligraphy set for beginners ? Luckily there are a number of calligraphy sets for beginners available, nearly all sets have lettering practice guides on how to write / practice various fonts, the penholder, nibs, ink and paper you will need to get started. If you are a left handed writer, we can assist also please get in contact. We have put together a list below of the sets, that are designed for beginners.

The first calligraphy set for beginners UK manufacturer Manuscript, based in Shropshire. The Manuscript lettering kit is a great beginners set, create bold and fun lettering with Manuscript’s ultimate Lettering Kit. Whether it’s creative lettering, or inspiring 3D fonts, this set is equipped with all the pens needed to get started. Featuring 10 pens including a selection of markers, fountain pens and clutch pencil.

Also included is a comprehensive guide to lettering for beginners. Created by lettering sensation James Lewis, the guide gives you all the skills you need to start your lettering journey. The manual includes key hints and tips to get started and guidelines to practice brush lettering, cursive script, creative lettering and serif typography. The manual shows you how to write calligraphy letters step by step , and with everything else that is included this is a great calligraphy beginners set.

Another great set from the Manuscript Pen Company, is the manuscript calligraphy compendium set. A perfect gift set ideal for fun and easy writing. It allows you to create italic calligraphy and practice hand lettering with ease, with this modern bumper calligraphy set. Fountain pen, nib sections, replacement ink cartridges, calligraphy practice paper and more is included in this calligraphy set. More exact details on what is included in this 30 piece calligraphy set can be found here.

As you can see the manuscript compendium set is loaded with all the materials and tools that you will need to get started in calligraphy. It also comes supplied in a silver presentation tin, which is great to hold all your pens, nibs, inks and papers in one safe place.

An addition to the manuscript Modern Calligraphy Range; The Modern Calligraphy Gift Set. A great set to practice modern calligraphy and brush lettering. The set includes 4 Leonardt dip nibs ideal for modern calligraphy script, as well as 6 ink colours including 5 brand new Shimmer Inks to get writing. There is also a modern calligraphy worksheet included, designed by Artsynib. Again this set comes with a presentation storage tin, which is helpful to keep everything together; safe and secure. To find out more details on what is included please click here.

The final calligraphy set for beginners in our list is, The Brause Calligraphy Gift Box Set. An offering from the German / French manufacturer Brause. Brause is a one of the leading brands, when it comes to choosing calligraphy materials, especially their calligraphy nibs. This set includes 4 nibs, 5 bottles of ink, an A5 calligraphy pad, tutorial learner booklet and more. The set focusses on 5 types of hand to practice, and provides step by step guidance. The set is packaged in an attractive cardboard presentation box. For more details please click here.

There is also the possibility that you already have a few nibs and ink. In that case Brause calligraphy practice cards, may be of interest.

Brause Calligraphy Practice Cards are a helpful aid to learn calligraphy, step by step. The pack contains 12 practice cards, with various hands demonstrated within; with numbered succession stroke movements on each letter you will see how to write each letter. Nine alphabet font examples are demonstrated with this pack. 1. Carolingian script, 2. Modern sans serif, 3. Gothic, 4. Gothic black letter, 5.Gothic fraktur, 6. Chancery cursive, 7. Italic script, 8. Roman alphabet, 9. Unical. The practice pack also contains 2 demonstration cards, to compare and contrast your work.

If you would like to learn more about calligraphy and are interested in finding out more information, the Calligraphy & Lettering Arts Society ( CLAS ) is a great place to check. There you can find more about how to get started with calligraphy, improve your existing skills and much much more; well worth a look. Thanks for reading.