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Manuscript Classic Nib Sections


Manuscript Classic & Scroll Nib Sections;

A range of replacement nib sections available from Manuscript; Classic and Scroll Nib Sections.

Please select your required nib section, from the drop down menu.


How to Fit a Nib Section;

Remove the cartridge or convertor by pulling it gently away from the nib section.

Refit the cartridge or convertor to the new nib section.

Weight 0.01 kg
Nib Section

EF 0.6 mm, M 1.1 mm, F 0.85 mm, B 1.35 mm, 2B 1.6 mm, 3B 2.2 mm, 4B 2.8 mm, Scroll 4 2.5 mm, Scroll 6 3.2 mm

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