Automatic Lettering Pens

Automatic Pens

Automatic Lettering Pen Sizes
Automatic Lettering Pen Sizes
  • Automatic Pens are hand made in London, England
  • Each pen has a quality that gives them distinction across the world
  • Made from non rust nickel silver
  • Complete with its own non slip ABS plastic holder
  • There are thirteen pens in the range –
  • 8 plain pens from 1/16″ to 1″
  • 4 border pens from 1/8″ to 1/2″
  • 5 line 1/2″ Music Ruler
  • Can be used with all inks, dyes and gouache
  • Rinsing in clean water usually keeps them clean
  • If all else fails a sharp craft knife can be used to scrape the debris off the blades
  • Usually use with the small serrations on the top
  • Load ink with a brush between the blades

Colour Variations with Automatic Pens

automatic pens colour
Colour variation example with Automatic Pens

Using a clean pen, load the pen (using a brush on one side of the pen) with one colour of ink (say Yellow), then load a a few drops of another colour (say Blue) on the other side of the nib. When you

write with the pen the ink will blend slowly as you write. As you finish a stroke add a few drops of another colour and the blending will change again. Varying the quantity of fresh ink loaded will control the speed of colour change. Border pens can carry two colours. With certain inks three colours can be loaded.

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