Blots responsive website is here.

After a difficult birth Blots Pen & Ink Supplies new responsive website has arrived. It’s not perfect and is demanding a lot of attention (though it doesn’t wake me up in the night for feeding). The remnants of several years of html coding now need to be cleared out and new choices and listings input. Hopefully it will make browsing from the couch much easier.  Some calligraphy for the logo and the banner has been submitted. I hope you enjoy the new site.

Good News for shopping at Blots from mobile or tablet

Responsive Screenshot

Mobile and tablet e-commerce traffic has reportedly grown by 2000 per cent in the last four years. If you have tried to buy on websites using your smartphone or tablet you will have experienced the frustration of trying to fit a desktop site onto a smaller platform. Trying to find the ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Next’ button can be tortuous and time consuming. If only the website knew you were viewing on a smartphone or tablet and presented the website to fit your device then ordering what you want would be so much easier.

Blots website is currently being redesigned to do just that!

By the end of September  will know that you are lounging on your couch with your iPad or tablet on your knee and will resize and reconfigure to suit whatever you are using. This should make viewing and ordering what you want much easier. The responsive design should cope with all the different systems and platforms and hopefully provide a easier and more enjoyable shopping experience.

Watch out for our new site – coming soon to a couch near you…

’21’ Today – well tomorrow actually.

Blots Pen & Ink Supplies was officially started on 1st August 1993 so tomorrow is our 21st birthday!  I started from the boxroom, soon took over the back bedroom but really got into trouble when my wife found drawing boards under our bed. After a few years lifting cases of ink into the loft, and down again, I moved Blots into units in Bury Business centre. Finally we moved into Blots comfy bungalow at the bottom of the garden. Happy Birthday Blots!!


Replacing Crow Quill in Reversible Penholder

William Mitchell Reversible Penholder_split_lg


William Mitchell Reversible Pen holder is a convenient pen holder with a nib unit that can be turned round and stored inside the pen holder to preserve the point from damage. The nib unit appears to be a moulded section but is in fact assembled from 3 parts (see photo). The parts can be separated and a new No.659 Crow Quill inserted in the pen. However, when the pen has been used it is likely that ink and paper have worked their way up the nib shaft and the nib itself has started to corrode. It may help to soak the nib unit for 24 hours in washing up liquid or air brush cleaner to soften the debris round the nib shaft.  Grip the nib unit and nib and twist the nib around the supporting pillar. Bear in mind that the nib unit parts are plastic and breakable. Since the nib needs replacing there is nothing to be lost by gripping the end of it with pliers. A twisting and rotating movement should enable the nib to be pulled out of its socket.The supporting pin may remain in the socket but may need to be pulled out to enable the socket to be thoroughly cleaned. Refit a new No.659 Crow Quill  and your pen is as good as new.  !!


Exciting new inks from Blots

Two new inks join our range from July

Penman Inks Liquid Gouache
Penman Inks Liquid Gouache

Penman Inks are a highly pigmented, Ph neutral ink made from egg white, honey and gum arabic. Rich in colour and tone with a subtle sateen finish, the Liquid Gouache ink range is smooth in consistency and even in flow. All colours are lighfast, water soluble and intermixable and can be applied with a pen or brush.

Speedball Pigmented Acrylic Inks
Speedball Inks

Speedball pigmented acrylic inks are waterproof, intermixable,free flowing, non toxic, acid free, permanent and archival quality with excellent lightfastness. These highly pigmented inks are ideal for drawing, calligraphy, stamping and airbrushing. The ink comes in a  2floz bottle so the price is competitive.

Blots Penholders range extended

Blots Penholder 10mm
Blots 10mm wooden penholder

Blots 8mm wooden penholders with their unique design have proved very popular. They have no metal ferrule and the fingers rest on the plain wooden shaft. The range has now been extended to include long and short penholders on a 10mm shaft. This small increase in size may prove slightly more comfortable for older fingers to grip.

Ziller Inks

Unpacking a consignment of ink from Ziller in the USA which arrived today I was struck by the beautiful colours. It is almost impossible not to unscrew the lids and load a pen with ink and be amazed at the infinite variety of effects that flow from the blade of the pen. Using a brush it is possible to load a 3a Automatic Pen with three colours and the delightful spectrum of ever-changing colour is truly spectacular. This is possible of course with many inks and paints but the viscosity of the Ziller inks seems to slow the mixing of the ink on the pen so that the mixing takes place as it flows onto the page.

If you haven’t tried colour mixing I would recommend it.

I would recommend Ziller Inks for spectacular colours and amazing results. Don’t be frightened off by the waterproof label, just rinse your pens frequently. For even easier cleaning just add a little ammonia to your rinse water.

Full range of Ziller Inks in stock – I’ve just unpacked them! No one who has tried them has been disappointed and many have fallen in love❤️



Spam – that doesn’t come in a tin…

I must admit to being amazed at the amount of spam that this blog (and probably everybody else’s) attracts. According to some figures in the year 2011, the estimated figure for spam messages is around seven trillion. ( I don’t know how many noughts/zeros to put after the 7!)  It is a daily task to scan through them (not the 7 trillion – but it is hundreds)  and consign to the trash. The cost must be paid for by us all, the additional resources the internet service providers must provide, the time the companies and individuals spend in clearing this daily deluge of unsolicited and damaging junk; loss of reputation on Google; the additional cost of purchasing a plug-in to sift through the dross.  What is the hoped for benefit of the spammers when it is consigned to the bin before it ever appears on the blog?


Gold Trusted Merchant Award

Feefo Award

Feefo is our Customer Feedback provider and gives every customer the opportunity to comment on the Service and Product they have received from us. The comment is automatically available on our website and can be seen by anyone. We can respond to the comment but cannot remove it.

We are very pleased to receive a Gold Trusted Merchant Award as we achieved a 98% Service Rating over 2013. These awards are difficult to come by and hopefully demonstrates our commitment to, and achievement of, a high quality service.

I am amazed how much garbage a blog attracts with offers of SEO, rucksacks, Viagra… all trying to promote their products and services via my blog…