Winsor Newton Drawing Inks 14ml

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Winsor and Newton Drawing Inks :

Drawing Inks are used where brilliance of colour is the main requirement. A range of 26 colours is available offering outstanding brilliance and transparency. The inks are made from soluble dyes combined with a shellac binder which imparts the water resistant characteristic and also gives a gloss finish when applied thickly. Dye based inks do not possess the lightfast quality of pigments. All colours are intermixable. Dip pens and brushes are recommended for application of Drawing Inks. Clean with water during working. Should the inks dry, methylated spirits can be used to dissolve the colour, followed by washing with soap and warm water. Liquid Indian Ink, a solution of traditional Chinese stick ink use by calligraphers is not water resistant.
30ml bottles of Black Indian, Gold & Silver are available at the end of the list.