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A selection of 20 Vintage (25+years) nibs

A selection of 20 Vintage (25+years) nibs
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  • Selection as below:-
  • Geo W Hughes Polo Pen No1183 EF x1
  • Geo W HughesSpoon Point Series 75 7EF x1
  • Geo W Hughes Tenax Series 16H EF x1
  • Geo W Hughes 896 x1
  • Finburgh's Bullet Pointed Pen x3
  • Thessins & Co No6 EF x1
  • MacNiven & Cameron No2M x1
  • Joseph Gillott Rigid 1068A x2
  • Joseph Gillott 404 x1
  • Schedule 'Bak-Fin' 104 x6
  • J D Belcher Engrossing Pen 716 x2
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