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Ziller Inks

Ziller Inks
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  • Ziller Inks
  • Made with sub-micron particle size pigments
  • Flows consistently well assisting a smooth confident stroke
  • Are lightfast, waterproof
  • Fully intermixable to create a whole spectrum of colour.
  • Primary Colours
  • Cardinal Red - a deep red, bright and strong
  • Midnight Blue- a rich full bodied blue with plenty of strength
  • Sunflower Yellow- a beautiful sunflower yellow
  • Secondary Colours
  • Prairie Fire Orange - a lively vibrant orange
  • Wild Viola Violet- a royal deep violet - mixed from dark violet to lavender
  • Sweet Grass Green - a fresh clean green with deep colour
  • Buffalo Brown- strong colourful brown
  • Northwind White - a durable opaque white - so dense it writes on black card!
  • Soot Black - a flat sooty black giving solid black lines
  • Glossy Black - from the pointed pen the swells dry to a glossy look
  • in a broad pen the strokes have more of a satin sheen
  • Create a new colour with Ziller Inks
  • BURGUNDY- add Sunflower Yellow to Cardinal Red then a little Soot Black
  • TEAL - mix Sweet Grass Green and Midnight Blue with a small drop of Soot Black then add North Wind White to the shade of Teal required
  • SPRING GREEN - add Sunflower Yellow to Sweet Grass Green
  • VIOLET - the rich Wild Viola Violet is beautiful from large nibs but may need to be lightened with North Wind White for smaller or pointed nibs.
  • The inks give a rich solid coloured stroke - most colours are opaque
  • They can be diluted considerably with water whilst still retaining good colour or thickened, if required, by using the ink thickener
  • They clean up quickly and easily with a little ammonia in the water
  • Ooops, my ink dried out!!! If your bottle of Ziller Ink looks like a dried up river bed:- Break the dried up ink into small pieces and place back in the jar. Add a very small amount of distilled water and stir. The ink will dissolve and reconstitute and you can use it just like before. Dilute as required.