Spam – that doesn’t come in a tin…

I must admit to being amazed at the amount of spam that this blog (and probably everybody else’s) attracts. According to some figures in the year 2011, the estimated figure for spam messages is around seven trillion. ( I don’t know how many noughts/zeros to put after the 7!)  It is a daily task to scan through them (not the 7 trillion – but it is hundreds)  and consign to the trash. The cost must be paid for by us all, the additional resources the internet service providers must provide, the time the companies and individuals spend in clearing this daily deluge of unsolicited and damaging junk; loss of reputation on Google; the additional cost of purchasing a plug-in to sift through the dross.  What is the hoped for benefit of the spammers when it is consigned to the bin before it ever appears on the blog?


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