Good News for shopping at Blots from mobile or tablet

Responsive Screenshot

Mobile and tablet e-commerce traffic has reportedly grown by 2000 per cent in the last four years. If you have tried to buy on websites using your smartphone or tablet you will have experienced the frustration of trying to fit a desktop site onto a smaller platform. Trying to find the ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Next’ button can be tortuous and time consuming. If only the website knew you were viewing on a smartphone or tablet and presented the website to fit your device then ordering what you want would be so much easier.

Blots website is currently being redesigned to do just that!

By the end of September  will know that you are lounging on your couch with your iPad or tablet on your knee and will resize and reconfigure to suit whatever you are using. This should make viewing and ordering what you want much easier. The responsive design should cope with all the different systems and platforms and hopefully provide a easier and more enjoyable shopping experience.

Watch out for our new site – coming soon to a couch near you…

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