Exciting new inks from Blots

Two new inks join our range from July

Penman Inks Liquid Gouache
Penman Inks Liquid Gouache

Penman Inks are a highly pigmented, Ph neutral ink made from egg white, honey and gum arabic. Rich in colour and tone with a subtle sateen finish, the Liquid Gouache ink range is smooth in consistency and even in flow. All colours are lighfast, water soluble and intermixable and can be applied with a pen or brush.


Speedball Pigmented Acrylic Inks
Speedball Inks

Speedball pigmented acrylic inks are waterproof, intermixable,free flowing, non toxic, acid free, permanent and archival quality with excellent lightfastness. These highly pigmented inks are ideal for drawing, calligraphy, stamping and airbrushing. The ink comes in a  2floz bottle so the price is competitive.


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