Blots Pen & Ink Supplies began life about twenty one years ago in 1993 to supply the mail order market for Calligraphy pens and inks. At the beginning I published a paper catalogue and most orders came via the post or telephone. With the advance of the web nearly all business is now via the website and we send orders to nearly every country in the world. I still try and publish a paper catalogue but most people seem to use it to browse and then go online to order. For a while I was in a business centre in Bury, Lancashire but we now have a purpose built unit at the bottom of my garden. Blots HQ





Travel to work is not a problem (except when it’s snowing)!

Blots in the snow

I stock a full range of pens from Automatic, William Mitchell, Leonardt(Manuscript), Speedball, Brause and fountain pens by Manuscript, Rotring and of course the Pilot Parallel pens which have proved extremely popular.Blots3

I make Blots Iron Gall Ink, in my adjacent workshop, which is now shipped all over the world and has been highly rated by Copperplate writers. I also manufacture and sell Blots Wooden Penholders, Blots Ruling Template, Blots Acrylic Pen Rest and I am developing a wooden ink bottle holder to reduce the risk of overturning the ink bottle and decorating the desk and floor.









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