Blotspens video on YouTube

I am amazed that my video which shows colour mixing with Pilot Parallel Pens and had some distinctly dodgy calligraphy has had 36,000 hits!! It was never intended to demonstrate calligraphy but just to give an idea of what colour mixing was about. Apparently it has earnt 9pence and they don’t pay out less than £10 so I don’t think I will be booking the cruise yet. I suppose that 36,000 as a percentage of the world online community isn’t great but there are lots of videos with much smaller figures. I just wish 36,000 people had bought a Parallel Pen from me!!! If you want to see it – 36,001 – just search for ‘blotspens’ on YouTube. No it’s not the Chocolate Charlie one; it’s the other one.

Blotspens is migrating!

I am trying to get this blog set up on blots website and I grow more confused by the day. (it’s not difficult!)  In order to set it up my hosting has had to move to another server and, to move, it had to migrate, propagate ..(?).  At least the website is now back functioning and I don’t think I lost any orders on the way. Maybe I should try one task at a time. I am trying to set this up, organise a regular mailing using Constant Contact, review all the customer accounts… I think I will go and lie down in a darkened room….

Royal Mail Price DROP!!

Royal Mail’s spring 2013 pricing for small parcels has been revised from November. It looks as though Royal Mail had lost an enormous amount of business to other carriers because of their sizing restrictions. It particularly hit our business in posting A3 pads when the postage was almost as much as the cost of the pad. It wasn’t the weight that caused the problem but the size. With the increase of the allowable size the price of mailing on A3 pad drops from £5.85 to £3. A most welcome price drop!